To travel is to take a journey into yourself.

Hello and welcome.  It’s Mark here. That’s my smiling face down the bottom of the page.  If you decide to travel with us you’ll probably meet me, I conduct most of the tours myself. 

I know that time is precious so there are some things you should know about us before you have a look around. 

An Off Road Adventure Safaris journey is not for everyone. 

If you want a tour that is run with stopwatch precision we are definitely not for you. All our journeys are conducted in a relaxed manner and we make lots of impromptu stops as well amazing side journeys to special sites away from the crowds.

If you think that twenty guests is a small group we may not be for you.  We carry a maximum of twelve guests on our tours.  This allows us to treat each of our guests as an individual and to enhance their journey by meeting specific needs and interests.

Our journeys are built around experiences not ensuites.  That is not to say that we don’t stay in some amazing accommodation in incredible locations, we do.  If having your own shower at the end of each day is your highest priority we can’t guarantee that you will satisfied with one of our journeys.

We don’t do cheap.  Nor do we use inflated prices to then offer pretend discounts.  What we offer is value for investment. In fact 100% of our guests tell us that they feel they received more than they paid for.

So if you still think that we may be for you have a look at what we offer.  If you have questions give me a call on 0428 988 685

What our guests say

Mark's knowledge and understanding of the country, the people, the flora and fauna was outstanding, and his knowledge of hidden gems off the beaten track added to our overall enjoyment. To say nothing of his capacity to anticipate all our needs and desires! The accommodation and meals were fantastic.

“Mark's experience and expertise, as well as his knowledge of the Cape, the people, flora and fauna made you feel you were in good hands."

“Would recommend Mark and Off Road Adventure Safaris for whatever trip you have in mind."

“This was one of the best tours I and my wife have been on. 12 days from Cairns to Cape York visiting a wonderful part of Australia with a terrific guide in Mark."

“Mark did a great job of timing our visits so that we basically had all of our stops to ourselves and avoided the masses which made the trip feel that little bit special; like you had paradise to yourself."

“Mark made it clear that no effort was too much, nor no unconventional approach to the tour too difficult. He provided a dedicated, passionate approach to the traditional tour guide."


Lead Guide /Owner-Operator

Mark Essenhigh

We recognise the value of your holiday and appreciate the trust you place in us. We take your holiday seriously so that you don’t have to.