About Us

If you are looking for a company with a fleet of vehicles, massive headquarters and a huge staff, you are on the wrong site. Off Road Adventure Safaris is a husband and wife team and between us we have almost 50 years of experience in the Tourism industry.

Mark conducted his first formal tour in 1988 after starting Carrai Adventure Tours on the mid North Coast of NSW. He offered a range of activities including abseiling, caving, canoeing and cross country bushwalking. Working for Mount Seaview Safaris he conducted 35 day tours called the Grand Australia Explorer. This tour, with its trademark Land Rovers, travelled through some of the most remote areas of Australia and was specifically marketed to Germans and Swiss.

It was during this time that Mark visited and fell in love with Fraser Island. This led to 10 years of conducting tours for Kingfisher Bay Resort, Top Tours and the Fraser Island Company – driving some of Australia’s largest 4WD vehicles. Whilst full time on Fraser, Mark was acknowledged as one of the Island's outstanding interpretive guides by leading publications such as Lonely Planet.

Formalising his experiences, Mark now holds qualifications in Tourism Operations, Outdoor Recreation, Hospitality and Tour Guiding – he also gained his trainer qualifications and conducts Tourism and Tour Guide training throughout Queensland.

Jody has a background in Human Resources and has worked for a range of tourism businesses.

Originally working within the public service – Jody’s skills were quickly acknowledged and she was seconded to the Department of Defence and eventually the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service, which had her travelling to far flung destinations throughout the country.

On moving to Hervey Bay she used those skills to cross over to Tourism and worked for Lady Elliott Island, Kingfisher Bay Resort & Village and Kondari Resort. For the past 17 years she has been the owner/manager of Career Training Institute of Australia, Regional Queensland.

Specialising in Tourism and Hospitality Training, Jody has been recognised for the high quality of training provided by her and her team through numerous awards at both Regional and State levels. 

The purchase of Off Road Adventure Safaris in 2010 was quite by chance. Mark, still working occasionally on Fraser Island conducting personalised Hummer Tours, met a guide that had a business for sale. The decision was made to buy Off Road Adventure Safaris which at the time was conducting well established, bare-bones, camping tours to Cape York.

Since then Mark and Jody have worked tirelessly to upgrade every aspect of the business and now offer the most exclusive accommodated journey on the Cape – as well as what can only be described as luxury camping options.

Specialising in private charters, Mark and Jody have earned a reputation for personalised service and high quality products with the flexibility to meet and exceed the client’s expectations.

Now – if that is what you are looking for you are definitely on the right site.