Basecamp Logistics

Do you have cientists working in the field or a film crew that requires remote area support?  An exploration team serching for a new mineral deposit?

Then Off Road Adventure Safaris has a service you need.

Since 2010 Off Road Adventure Safaris has been supplying Base Camp Logistics to scientists working in remote areas.  To ensure that your team is well fed and rested we supply all the necessities to turn a remote site into an efficient base of operations.

From hot showers to a comfortable bed to sleep in, hearty meals to a place to store equipment, we have it covered.

Our base camps can operate for up to fifteen days in a remote location without the need to resupply. 

Recharging mapping devices, powering laptops and a myriad of other requirements have been taken into account so that your team can get on with the job that they are there to do. Our highly experienced crew are willing to do whatever is required to support your team and ensure the smooth completion of field work.

Previous clients include; 

GHD, Bectel, BHP, Metallica Minerals, Aurecom, Animal Planet