Day Tours

Explore the Top of Cape York with our exclusive day tour

To cater for the growing number of short stay visitors we are proud to offer, in 2015, our comprehensive day tour of the top end of Cape York.  With a maximum group number of six passengers this is truly an exclusive full day tour of an amazing destination.

Picking up at all accommodation providers the first part of our journey takes us through the communities that make up the Northern Peninsula Area. Bamaga and Sesia were settled by islander groups after World War II while Umagico, New Mapoon and Injinoo originated as aboriginal resettlement camps.  The blend of islander and indigenous culture has resulted in a rich character for the people and their communities.  Life moves at a slower pace in this area and there are lessons to be learned from the locals.

Travelling to the west coast we vist Muttee Heads and the remnants of the World War II Military Base. The abandoned radar tower stands sentinel over machinegun bunkers with the massive Prince of Wales Island in the background. We then continue on to the Jardine River. Almost a kilometer wide at it's mouth the Jardine is Australia's largest perennial river and even at the peak of the dry season will flow at approximately four million litres per second of pure fresh water.

Retracing our travels we return to the Peninsula Development Road heading for Pajinka (The Tip).  No trip to Pajinka is complete without a visit to “The Croc Tent”. This Cape York icon, originally established at the Wenlock River in 1984, was instrumental in supporting the growth of tourism to the Cape. Currently under the tenure of Dale, Lea, Jaxson and Benji, this young family is the epitome of the pioneering spirit of the Cape. On the way we pass through Lockerbie Scrub, isolated pockets of monsoonal rainforest more at home in Papua New Guinea than Australia. We also visit Somerset, the failed ‘Singapore of the Pacific’, established by the famous (and sometimes infamous) Jardine family.

Cape York, named by Captain Cook in honour of the Duke of York is properly known as Pajinka and commonly referred to as ‘The Tip’. Whatever you call it, there is a magical feeling to stand at the end of our continent and know that there is no-one further north than you on mainland Australia. Timing our day to be at Pajinka at sunset means that we miss the crowds and generally we have it to ourselves. To accompany the sunset we supply dinks and nibbles so that you can savour the moment.  Returning to Seisia at dusk is a great way to spot the wildlife that inhabits the area. 


Departs daily with pickups between 8 & 8.30 am at all local campgrounds and accommodation providers.  


All sites as listed in the description plus more on a day by day basis depending on tides and other considerations. 



Adults $250 per person, Children and Pensioners $200 per person. Discounts apply for group bookings of four or more.